Saturday, October 8, 2011

Best Jumbo CD Rates in the US

Where can you find the best jumbo CD rates in the US? Rates get lower and lower everyday. But a hand full of banks and credit unions seem to be keeping their rates just above the rest. If you don't have CD accounts with this institutions already, now maybe the time.

Here are a few to check out.

Alliant Credit Union -- Alliant has consistently maintained very competitive CD Rates. The 1-year is 1.30%, 2-year is 1.70%, and the 5-year is 2.20%. You can join this credit union by first becoming a member of the National PTA if you don't meet their normal requirements. This costs $25, but for Jumbo CDs, that isn't a huge cost when your earnings for the 1-year CD are about $150 per $100,000 above the closest bank rate. Many credit unions are also pushing their free checking and debit cards as some larger banks are starting to charge for them.

Aurora Bank, FSB -- Aurora has a 1.15% for 1-year. Since they are a bank, there is no association or membership requirements to worry about. Through their online registration, they will accept funds from anywhere in the US. You do have to be able to prove your identity though. But that is true, across the board anyway. their 2-year CD rate is a 1.35% and the 5-year is 2.07%.

Ally Bank -- If you haven't heard of them already, you may be living on under a rock. They have spread themselves all over the internet, TV, and even radio. They have tried to recreate themselves as a no-nonsense bank which for the most part has worked. One of their most talked about features is their 60-day Early Withdrawal penalty on 5-year CDs. This the lowest penalty that I'm aware of. Their 1-year rate is 1.09%. The 2-year is 1.27% with a bump-up feature, and the 5-year is 2.03%.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union -- Another credit union with good CD rates. You can gain access to their membership through the National Military Families Association. Which is kind of cool. You can help out an organization dedicated to helping families of the Military and gain access to a great financial institution. They call their CDs, Money Market Certificates of Deposits. Not really sure why, they are just like a bank CD. Their 1-year interest rate is 0.99%, the 2-year CD is 1.25%, the 5-year is 2.25% (one of the highest in the country) and they have a 7-year at 2.75%.

I hope these are helpful and will enable you go gain a little more interest over what your local bank may be offering. I know my local MegaBank only pays like a paultry 0.50%, so certainly worth it to move some funds. Best of luck with your US Jumbo CD Rate search.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

9-month CD Rates

Looking for 9 Month CD Rates. Look no further.

Good 9-month CD Rates are actually hard to find. The 9-month CD term is considered an odd term CD and not many banks offer it. Often times, those that do, have a lower 9-month interest rate than the 6-month CD.

But here are some bank certificate of deposit specials that I found.

Ally Bank -- 1.55% APY (and they don't have any annoying small print or disclaimers or so they claim). 2-star Rating.

Discover Bank -- 1.50% APY (Yes, this is the bank for the Discover Credit Card). 3-stars.

Christian Community Credit Union has an awesome rate for a 9-month CD. 2.25% APY (Nice! They call it the Kingdom Builder Certificate, I like it.) 3-stars. But, please note. They are not federally insured by the NCUA. They carry private ASI insurance.

Umbrella Bank -- 1.85% APY. 1-star. They may need an Umbrella. Looks like a storm is coming their way.

So that is a pretty good round-up. I would probably skip making a deposit with Umbrella Bank. Even though your deposits are FDIC insured, if the bank is closed you do have to go through the hassle of finding a new CD. Before investing in Christian Community CDs, investigate ASI. Your money's protection is based on the company's health. They might also have restrictions on membership such as having to be a Christian.

For ease, Ally Bank and Discover are probably the best bets for your bank CDs, but keep in mind that on-line set-ups usually require you to answer a set of questions that only you should know. I've read some horror stories lately, where the information the banks were working from was incorrect.

9-month CD Rates may be good way to go. There is just no way to know when the Fed is going to raise interest rates.

Let me know if you find some good CD, savings, checking account deals.

Check-out CD Rates MA

On-Line CD Rates MA (Massachusetts)

Sorry, I haven't posted in a bit. But time to get back to CD Rates MA, don't ya know.

CD rates all over the US have just been pummeled since I last posted. It can be extremely difficult to find a 2% at 1-year, especially CD Rates in MA. But let's search Massachusetts and see what we find.

First we find probably one of the oldest banks in the nation, State Street Bank & Trust Company, Boston. They were established in 1792. That is amazing. As of March they had a 4-star rating from Bankrate, but the June numbers are a little concerning. They have a $150 Billion in Assets, but show a loss of $2 Billion. March had a $455 Million profit. Boy, I hope they plug the leak. I went to their site, but couldn't find any CD rates. So not very helpful for our first MA Bank. FDIC# 14. Couldn't find an earlier one.

Our second bank is Boston Trust & Investment Management Company also in Boston. Boston Trust was established in 1960. Also no rates. Geez, what is up with Massachusetts.

Okay, finally some CD Rates for MA. Rockland Trust Company, Rockland. They aren't that good, but it is something. They have 6-months at 1.25% APY and a 2-year CD for 1.75% APY. I've seen worse. They were founded in 1907. They lasted through the Depression. They deserve credit for that. FDIC# is 9712. They even have a profit. Wohoo!!! They have a 3-star rating.

Salem Five Cents Savings Bank, Salem. Founded in 1855. I guess having all of these old banks in one of the original 13 colonies isn't that weird. Sadly, their CD rates aren't too impressive; 1-year 1.25% APY and 2-year 1.50%. Bankrate gives them 3-stars. Those rates require $10,000. Ouch.

United Bank, Westfield. Established in 1882. The best rate they have is a 5-year CD at 3.00%. Not bad for the times, just awful to think about locking your money up for so long at such a low rate. I wonder what their Early Withdrawal Penalty is. They do have a 4-star rating.

Westfield Bank (also in Westfield) actually has some good CD rates. Here is their link. Founded in 1853. They have a 4-star rating. For $500,000 you can earn 2.00% or 1.60% APY for $100,000 in a checking account. The CD Rates: 11 Month Special -- 1.75%, 16 Month Special -- 2.00% APY, 30 Month Special -- 2.20% APY and 48 Months -- 2.90%.

That about does it for MA CD Rates. Let me know if you find some good deals.

Check-out: FL CD Rates

Disclaimer: Rates can and do change at anytime. Ratings are not a guarantee of future bank health. Matter of fact, they are based on data that is about 6-months old. Lots can (and does) change in 6-months.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On-Line CD Rates Florida

So today we'll take a look at the sunny state of Florida and see if the On-Line CD Rates in Florida can put a smile on our face.

Florida may actually be a good candidate for higher CD yields. They have been hit hard with bad mortgages, which means there are probably some struggling banks. Often times, struggling banks have to offer high interest rates to bribe people to open CDs with them. Honestly, now may be a reasonable time to start taking a look at semi-troubled banks. CD rates will most be starting to increase sometime next year. If the bank fails in during a rising rate environment, you'll get your money back and be able to re-invest them in a higher yielding CD.

BankUnited, Coral Gables -- 7-month CD at 2.25% APY and 1-year CD rate at 2.65% APY. FDIC# 32247
$13 Billion in Assets, but over $1 Billion loss. Rated 1-star. I would have liked
to have seen a little better rate for the risk.

EverBank, Jacksonville, FL -- FDIC# 34775. Their traditional rates aren't very good. They usually offer some pretty innovative CDs though such as the World Currency CD. You can open a certificate of deposit in different currency such as the British Pound and potentially earn higher interest if the exchange rate is favorable. Lately, I don't think these have been such a good deal. But a couple of years ago they were. They also offer the MarketSafe CD. These CDs are linked to various stock indexes. You have FDIC protection, but have some upside potential if the indexes move favorably. Just read all of the fine print. $7.05 Billion in Assets, $56 Million profit, and good ratios.

City National Bank of Florida, Miami, FL -- FDIC# 20234. The claim to be the only bank with an A+ rating according to Sadly, no rates were posted on the web. So they may have a good rating, but we can't determine the interest rates on-line, which is what this site is about. gives them a 5-star.

IronStone Bank, Fort Meyers -- FDIC# 34340. $2.5 Billion in assets with a $28.9 Million dollar loss. They are well capitalized. The don't have good CD rates, but the Money Market rate is 2.25%. Based on the low certificate rates, I would tend to conlude the Money Market offer is a teaser rate, and likely to drop shortly.

Atlantic Southern Bank, Jacksonville, FL-- FDIC# 57213. They have some pretty good rates. Especially the 7-month special of 2.70% APY and 13-month certificate of deposit at 3.00% APY. Assets are $990 Million and they are profitable with $809K. They are based in Georgia, but have branches in Florida. Hey, they've got good rates.

Will that is it for this edition. Let me know if you find some high on-line CD Rates in Florida.

Best On-Line CD Rates

Monday, March 23, 2009

Best On-line CD Rates

Today we'll provide a smorgasbord of the Best On-line CD Rates.

And while I'm working hard to bring you some of the highest yields around, let me know what you find and I'll write a post about it so that we can share with everyone.

Alliant Federal Credit Union, Chicago, IL
Alliant consistently has high CD Rates. Currently they have a 3.15% APY for 1Y to 18mos and a 4.00% APY for a 4-year CD. You won't find many of those interest rates elsewhere. You do have to be a member of the credit union but they have nationwide membership through the National PTA. Site.

GMAC Bank, Midvale UT. Lately GMAC has had very competitive rates. They are currently offering a 2.85% APY. That is down a little form last week, when it stood at 2.95% APY. They also have a 2-year CD at 3.05% APY. Site.

Acacia Federal Savings Bank,
Acacia has one of the top 5-year rates in the country. It currently stands at 3.80% APY. Although, anything near 4.00% is a good rate, 5-years maybe a little long in this environment. Although CD Rates are bound to stay low for 2-years or so, they will most likely go up way before the 5-year time period. If you already have plenty of CDs coming due in the next few years, a 5-year CD wouldn't be that bad of an idea. As the CDs come do, you can take advantage of higher yields if there are any. Site.

BankDeals has some nice rates posted.
They have Royal Asian Bank and Royal Bank America. They both have a 3.25% for a 17-month CD. They are owned by the same holding company, but separately insured.
Follow the link for Royal Asian or the link for Royal Bank America for more details. They require a branch visit, but have branches in PA, NJ, and NY.

BankVibe has a some good deals. Especially a high yielding checking account, 5.25% and the "Mega Money Market Account" at 3.10% APY. These are offered by RedNeck Bank. Yep, they are FDIC insured. Although, the real bank is Bank of Wichitas. RedNeck Bank is their on-line bank. It is a fun site, complete with an outhouse. The checkcard with the Donkey on the front would be fun, but I wonder how many stores would think it is a real card. The site is a hoot. I think I'm going to apply for the fun of it. That's their motto, "Where bankin's funner. Site.

That seems like a pretty good list of the Best On-line CD rates (with a smidgen of Savings/Checking to boot).

Let me know what you've got.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On-Line CD Rates TX (Texas)

So today we'll bring you some on-line CD Rates in TX. Texas is a big state, so does that mean big interest rates. I've heard their cockroaches are as big as boulders and their spiders are the size of cars. My favorite are the Bus sized Jackolopes. But I digress. Let's check out the bank rates.

Comerica Bank - Dallas, TX (FDIC# 983)
First thing to notice is the FDIC#. This bank was established on March 5, 1849. That's old. They started out as The Detroit Bank and Trust company. They changed their name in 1982 to Comerica Bank-detroit (Yep, with a little "d"). They gobbled up just about every bank in Michigan. In 1991, they dropped "-detroit". They continued to gobble up banks in MI,CA, FL, and TX. Finally, in 2007 Comerica Bank moved to TX. They are big, about $67.6 Billion, but they aren't native to TX. They have 1.00% APY for up to 1Y and a 2.00$ APY for a 2-year CD to 10-year CD. They were profitable for the year though. That is rare these days.

USAA Federal Savings Bank - San Antonio, TX (FDIC# 32188)
USAA was established in 1983. They are about $32.6 Billion and also profitable. Maybe it is a Texas thing. Big states, big profit. They are native to TX. Maybe some good 'ol Texas pride will help the rates. USAA FSB has a 1-Year at 2.25% APY and a 2-year at 2.45% APY. Not bad. A 4-year Jumbo IRA is paying 3.00% APY. With Fed funds at basically 0%, that is pretty good. Although USAA is not open to everyone. You have to be a part of the military or a family member of someone in the military.

Texas Capital Bank, NA - Dallas, TX (FDIC# 34383)
Texas Capital is one of the babies of the bunch. They were established in 1997, but are already $5.1 Billion in assets. And another profitable Texas Bank. But sadly, the rates are awful. Top rate is 1.21% APY. I'm really starting to worry here.

Guaranty Bank - Dallas, TX (FDIC# 32618)
Guaranty Bank has an interesting product, the JumboUp CD. It is a step-up CD and only requires a Max deposit of $10,000. They have a 16-month and 24-month option. The rates step-up every 4-months and 6-months respectively. They end up averaging out to a respective 2.22% APY and 2.32% APY. One problem is, Guaranty Bank also has a 1-year and 16-month CD that are paying a better yield. However, the step-up (or JumboUp) 24-month CD pays a higher yield than the fixed 2-year term. They were established in 1988. They are about $15 Billion in assets. They do have a loss of about $420 Million. Ouch. That is way down from an $89 Million dollar profit in 2007. Some bad bets were made somewhere.

The American National Bank of Texas - Terrell, TX (FDIC# 23474)
I just loved the name of the bank. But hopefully, it doesn't become an omen for nationalizing the banking system. ANB of TX is about $2 Billion in assets and profitable. So it certainly seems that for the most part, TX has a solid set of banks. American National was established in 1981. With a name like, "The American National Bank", I thought for sure this would be an oldie. I had to send an email asking for rates, so I'll post those later.

Please leave any good rates you find in the comment section. Sharing is good.
So the Big Texas Banks, did not come through with big TX CD Rates. At least there is the Jackolope.

On-line CD Rates TX has been brought to you by BankMan.

Friday, March 13, 2009

On-line Bank CD Rates NJ (New Jersey)

So your looking for some on-line bank CD rates in NJ are, ya? You've come to the right place. Remember though, since you are focusing on bank interest rates that are available on-line, you don't need to focus in one state. The power of the internet allows you to access your bank accounts anywhere in the US. Most banks even have a feature will you can transfer funds electronically, bank-to-bank with no fee. Sweet!

TD Bank CD Interest Rates
1-year at 1.75% APY
13-months at 2.25% APY (not a bad rate)
5-year at 3.50% APY

Sovereign Bank CD Interest Rates
6-month at 2.00% APY (that's pretty good)
1-year at 2.50% APY
Location: Numerous New Jersey Locations

Roebling Bank
15-month at 2.15% APY
18-month at 2.20% APY
5-year at 3.75% APY
Location: Roebling Bank

Navy Credit Union (Membership requirements apply)
6-month at 3.00% APY
1-year at 3.75% APY (smokin' hot)

Also check out On Line CD Rates Florida

If you find a good rate, please leave a comment and I'll feature it. Let's share.